Duo Youkali consists of mezzo soprano Madieke Marjon and harpist Vera Kool. The inspiration for the duo’s name was drawn from a beautiful tango called Youkali, written by Kurt Weil in 1934. The text for this song, written by Roger Fernay, refers to a utopian reality. It is "the land of our desire, joy, happiness and the forgetting of problems, the star that we follow".

Madieke Marjon and Vera Kool met during their studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts. As soloists they have given numerous concerts, and have won many prizes, including at the National Competition of the Dutch Young Music Talent Foundation (SJMN). Their first joint project focused on songs of Claude Debussy, arranged by Vera for harp. Since then they have been heard regularly at Dutch concert venues, and have been broadcast live on Radio 4 in The Netherlands.


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